In the good ol’ summer time

The past week’s super-warmed East Bay served as a weather prelude to the all out swelter in which I find Halifax.  People are barely moving as they stroll along the Sunday sidewalks, and the Public Gardens are full of folk basking on the grass and crowding into the shade. In keeping with that, Bob bought lemonade, something I have once or twice a year and then forget until the next year’s heat spell.

Out on Lake Banook, canoeists are happy for the fair, fine weather and the city fathers are also pleased that another tourist-attraction can unfold in sunlight. It’s true: in Nova Scotia, everyone talks about the weather as though it could be planned or altered. (No, CL, that is not “latered”).

On this side of the harbour, adults are licking ice cream cones but not fast enough to keep them from decomposing in their hands.  Not a pretty sight, but an understandable dilemma. If they were trying to drink beer, outdoors, they’d fall over like so many stones, too overheated to get the alcohol below balance level.

One of the charms of both the coastal Bay Area and HFX is that these searing days are limited in number, while dramatic enough to allow one to remember less relenting summer places. A little bit–especially samples from both coasts in one weekend–goes a long way. The trick is to remember this in February.



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