Could this be vacation?

The week, so far, has been not only hot but also filled with direct sunlight, unsoftened by fog after early morning.  Which means that walking around through the afternoons has been on the uncomfortable side of hot, especially when adding in such scenery as black asphalt to reflect on the walker.

Today, although bright and still close to too warm, seems a little gentler weather-wise…maybe because it’s not yet quite afternoon? My gmail page shows the weather in Halifax to be brighter today than yesterday’s clouds/rain.  I’m glad for those there.  

And here I am glad to be having a quieter, cooler day.  Almost like vacation.


2 Responses to “Could this be vacation?”

  1. Al Says:

    Glad you’ve finally got your computer up and running and are enjoying a relaxing, and beautiful day. I very much enjoyed visiting the Academy of Sciences with you. Next time you visit, I’ll take a vacation day, and we can make a more leisurely excursion of it. We can even see the penguins!

  2. halifaxing Says:

    I am looking forward to this! It was a joy to have you leading the exploration this round! There will be many more! (And I, of course, have come across some more, besides the Bulb, you and Cam need to see up close!)

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