Welcome back Berkeley summer weather

After two days of oppressively overheated air, the fog has returned.  This morning the hills are lost under a blanket of white, no bright rays bleed through the clouds and the air is a cool relief. Berkeley does spring with abundance–three or four long ones a year–and having missed any in Halifax, I feel fortunate to catch it here.

Yesterday, hanging a while in the shade created by the University Avenue overpass, at the Berkeley Amtrak “station,” the air was as dry as dessicated leaves, but someone must have swept because there were no dust swirls in the breeze.  A couple of trains–one headed northeast to Sacramento and the opposite number pointed to San Jose–swept through and even they created no eddies. This morning there would be no shadows there either.

Today is Fred’s birthday. Nineteen years ago, Berkeley was locked in a week-long heat wave in the middle of which he was born; both the days before and a few days following were murderously warm. And in his current inland California location, he’s probably fairly toasty today.  But here summer is back on.  Cool.


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