Hiking, with occasional stories

My niece married her long time beau in June.  She and I had agreed to some sort of outing for yesterday as a more casual occasion for me to meet the lucky guy.  It was a beautiful–although overly warmish–day, and by the time the young folks appeared (virtually on time in spite of horrendous Bay Bridge traffice), Carole and I had already put in a good 6-mile hike to the Berkeely Pier, along the Marin and back.

Al, Cam and I headed out again, this time to the Albany Bulb, where they’d never been and which they turned out to enjoy thoroughly. As I did them.  The heat was a bit more tolerable by the water, of course, the dogs were rife and either amused or disgusted by swimming along not just the traditional dog beach but further out where a brave human swimmer was also paddling through whatever toxins have been poured–quite liberally and for several generations–into the Bay.

We scrambled, skittered, spun, and generally acted more 12 than any of our more advanced ages.  And then we asked each other for family stories, each of which somehow became firmly knitted into our activity.  Al told Cam at some point: “If we ever need to remember details, we can just come out here and walk around, and they’ll come back.”  

I wonder if that’s true.  I know her father (my brother) trained each of his babies to fall asleep to a Pachabel–so thoroughly that I imagine that even now, when they’re all on the far side of 25, they might snore at a concert where it appeared on the program.

In her life, Al and I have spent some wonderful days exploring wherever I happened to live but I don’t think we told many stories then. It adds a dimension–as did Cam, of course.  Both welcome. A good combination those four: Al and Cam and hiking and stories.  I’d repeat.


One Response to “Hiking, with occasional stories”

  1. carole leita Says:

    what a great story about your wonderful day with al and cam! thanks

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