Hasta la vista

Yesterday was a big one in Halifax lore:  Sidney Crosby brought the Stanley Cup to Cole Harbour–via a Sea King flyover of the harbour, from end to end and around again, with the helicopter door open and the trophy on display.

It was, in the words of a couple coworkers, a once in a lifetime experience….okay….

Meanwhile, on the Halifax side of the harbour, at quitting time, the International Busker Festival was going full throttle. It seemed to me that the locals were all about Sidney Crosby and the tourists were all about the buskers.

Me?  I just wanted to see if my house was still intact after another day of explosioning.  Well, yes but…notice has now arrived that the full street, four blocks of it, will be closed to traffic in any direction, for a mere four weeks.  A blink of an eye in geological time.

It was a good moment to leave town.  Hockey, buskers, no street.  West Coast is lookin’ good.


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