Communications under the road

The fact that I have any connectivity at all at home tonight should be cause for celebration.  It took about 10 minutes to work around to a way of getting online, but after seeing the punishment being dealt the cables at the intersection, as I came home, that was no surprise.  Apparently the adage of measure twice, cut once hasn’t reached here:  the next move of the iron wall–iron curtain?–down the channel that used to be my street seemed to have come acropper of the side of the hole not being dug away far enough.  A crowd had gathered on my doorstep to watch the power hammer–the blunt side of a steam shovel–beat the iron into place, willy nilly caring about the cables that showed through raw yesterday.

So, I have connectivity–at least until the work crew appears again tomorrow at 6:30 am…..



One Response to “Communications under the road”

  1. Jan Goldsmith Says:

    Thank goodness. I was beginning to worry about you! Jan

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