We finally got a genuine summer day, a real July moment:  morning haze burned off by noon to show a pale blue sky, and by mid-afternoon, it became something akin to hot.  At noon, I took a walk along the Dartmouth shoreline, happening into an unfolding scene of summertime quikiness:

First, there was the man who was carefully constructing a corral, right on the lawn just north of the waterfront playground.  He built it of boards and iron poles, squaring the corners and including an entry gate.  Perhaps a sheep shearing exhibition is coming soon to the waterside?

On the playground, a full battalion of five- or six-year-olds tumbled up and down the equipment, all sporting pink t-shirts.  This is the veddy British side of Canada: in the US, not even preschool-aged boys would be sent out in pink uniforms.

Just a scootch further along, before the new pedestrian bridge by the Dartmouth Boat Slips, a man who was either addled by off-market intoxicants or tending toward the criminally mad, swung along holding his jeans tightly at the waist to keep them from descending his legs, which probably would ahve left them as bare as was his torso.  He was furious, regaling all with vitriole.

Leaving him behind, I headed on down the path to the point where it crosses the sidetrack.  At that juncture, a three-some with two bull terriers on leashes ambled my way.  One of the dogs wanted to sniff my shoes but the other had a more seasonal need and headed right to a mud puddle in the Schmidt Boat Works parking lot, belly flopping hard into the murk.

Not a bad series of summertime events. The only characters missing today were the little boys, fishing poles on their backs, whom I’ve seen biking on the path in cooler, wetter weather.


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