Home front improvements

Each day I approach the house with slightly bated breath.  Of course, I’m not rounding a corner that puts it directly into view, because there is no intersection within 500 yards of the place at the moment.  Instead, I make my way along the bit of sidewalk left, where the chain link fence is on the work side and the chain link fence overgrown with giant lilac bushes and dwarfed by huge elms encroaches from the VG parking lot side. All along this gree and grey shoot I hold my breath:  will the house still stand?  windows intact?

Today’s a good one:  although the horrible huge drill that foretells a later explosion is grinding away, the work with dynamite seems to have moved just beyond our house to the fence next door.  Only a small branch from the stately elm in front of our house seems to be gashed away.  And a volunteer lily has managed to jump the chain link to bloom pitside.

And there’s more good news:  the workers have reported that they were able, after all, to locate our sewer line for hook-up.  And the internet hasn’t been knocked out today!

What a fistful of pleasant suprises!


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