Among the missing

All of the local work with explosives and large machines is in an effort to divert a 100-year-old sewer, which followed a natural brook, from its course–which apparently went through blocks now built up with houses and other structures–to follow the same line as the street. It seems, however, that the project is being undertaken with a minimum of background information about where the sewer lines actually are now.

Yesterday Bob was visited by a work crew wanting to see if a basement view would help them find where our outlet pipe actually connects as they couldn’t find it from the exterior.  This was his second surprise visiting crew in two days, as Monday he opened the door to a camera crew who promptly turned him into an evening news feature-ette.

The tv crew seems to have been more effective than the sewer-seekers, who left, having poured dye into the toilet in an effort to locate the outlet but still haven’t.  Perhaps, they opined, it actually goes under the parking lot and house next door to a place somewhere along South Street.  Or not. They’ll probably find it, was their last word.

So, whether the new sewer line and our outlet actually relate to each other in the end…well, there’s a new question.


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