Pit creep and the trees

The road work outside has been extended more than halfway down the next block, which means the journey to a a crossing place IMG_1722 is now quite far whether one turns north or south upon leaving the house.  This doesn’t mean that the pit directly in front of the house is being covered; if anything, it seems to deepen by the day, shored up on either side with iron walls made of slabs the size of railroad car sides.

Fortunately, the back of the house offers an alternative view on the neighbourhood–or a wall of green to the view, now that the trees are in full summer leaf: it’s just quiet and green and as close as the gravel pile and concrete culverts are to the front door.

If only one could actually access the world beyond the back yard without having to circle round to the front…or take ownership of the new hot water heater that was to be installed this month but is now on hold until October for lack of access by the delivery company.


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