Conference Mondays

The Monday of ALA is always my favourite day of the conference week: the driven have had their competitive edges dulled by food and drink, the lazy have dropped by the wayside, and the storytellers have lost the last of their inhibitions while honing their tales and their energies for telling them.

This means that the storytellers I already know are handing out the gifts of well constructed and insightful narrative while the ones I don’t are also willing to share, all for just the price of “How are you?”

What could be better and more enriching among a bunch of folks who ostensibly share some level of devotion to knowledge management? And today, like high tide in January along the Massachusetts coast, the storyline is at full peak–and it hasn’t even reached midmorning. ¬†I am in the lsitner’s version of hog heaven!


2 Responses to “Conference Mondays”

  1. carole leita Says:

    oh! lsitner = listner

  2. carole leita Says:

    i’m too literal and went looking to find out who this artist named Isitner was.

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