Working across time zones

Today’s the l-o-n-g conference day, starting early and going on into the night. Added to that is the texture brought by the fac that everyone in every room is still in his or her usual time zone: at 8 am CDT, the West Coasters are snoozing, while 12 hours later, Easterners will begin to nod.

The cureall to gets folks on the same awareness page is vats of caffeine, which, by later afternoon, will have everyone strung out…so they’ll add sugar.  It’s watching a strange biology project unfold, and that doesn’t even take into account the work…

…or the weather.  We’ve gone from comfortably cool to the more Chicagoesque hot and steamy.  Only we are all inside where it’s cold with air conditioning.

The bottom line: we don’t know what time it is, the climate is confusing and additives make folks’ blood rich with personality alternatives.

On the other hand, Halifax is rockin’ out to Sir Paul today.  So, I have, after all, chosen the saner path.


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