Mentorship as the power of reflective pause

As I was preparing for Annual, ALA’s office of international relations contacted me with an invitation to provide me, as an international participant, with an American mentor to help me through conference. Nice offer but not applicable within the parameters.  I responded graciously–graciously enough that instead I was assigned as a mentor.

And what a boon that turns out to be!  On the one day of conference that I ahven’t scheduled myself into silliness, I got to spend the first chunk of the day talking with someone who had good, crisp questions not only about maneuvering ALA Annual but thinking about her own career development. We got to talk about the digital native/immigrant divide (a, experience but not a conceptual term for her); the attractions of information management; the shibboleths of weeding (she works in the legislative library, not a public one); staff continuing ed.

The power of such conversations with a stranger who has come prepared to the discussion ready to engage is that it provides a reflective pause:  why do I do what I do with my work life?  Not a bad gift from a passerby to it.


One Response to “Mentorship as the power of reflective pause”

  1. sd Says:

    Hey, writing here because I’m not sure how to reach you – I’m going to come by YALSA board to say hi at some point tomorrow – will we be able to touch base and make Wed. plans there, or should we try another way? I won’t be at printz, I’m a little fried.

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