Winnarainbow or two

One of the wondrous and benign legacies of the 60’s is the over-30-year summer camp Wavy Gravy runs on the hot side of Mendocino County.  This is Fred’s tenth year there, his first as a recognized adult. And one of the perks of adult status at camp is being able to leave the grounds during his time off.  He’s been writing to me about that, which is both endearing and slightly eyebrow-raising, given that I am, after all, a parental unit.  So far, no harm, no foul, but a bill for a motel in metro Garberville (a place where the word “metro” is completely nonsensical).

Added to these messages from hippie summer camp, I got another kind of wonderful rainbow blast this morning when I discovered nearly 100 photos from Janice and Mo’s wedding, a Berkeley event stuffed with late-20-somethings who literally span the rainbow of human diversity.  The beauty of that particular rainbow–besides the fact that, at least while the camera was snapping, everyone was having great good times–is its lack of self-consciousness. These pictures couldn’t have been taken in the 60’s; they show a post-modern eclecticism that runs through the core of the subjects’ beings, not donned like costumes for a trip to the country.

My faith in the next generation wasn’t in doubt, but this morning they are, indeed, looking as promising as Noah’s rainbow.


One Response to “Winnarainbow or two”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Wavy Gravy’s camp Winnarainbow is such an amazing place! And also check out the organization that Wavy started 30 years ago with Ram Dass called Seva: They also do some really wonderful work around the world!

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