Sic transit gloria not today*

*this is not real Latin….

Transit fares are increasing on the first of the month, which is tomorrow. It’s a hefty little lift, which I am willing to pay but not so willing as to fork over daily cash instead of the optional discounted tickets or even more discounted monthly pass. So, as I left work this evening, the last evening of the month by which the current fare structure is in place, I stopped at the ticket booth to get some of the new scrip…and good luck with that.

“Can’t sell you thsoe until the fare changes.”

“Doesn’t it change tomorrow.”

“Yup, changes the first of the month.”

“And won’t you be closed tomorrow for the holiday tomorrow?”

“Yup. I can sell ’em to you tomorrow but we’re closed tomorrow, so come back Thursday.”


(Trying to be helpful?) “I can sell ya a sheet of 20 of the current price tickets.”

Let’s see, could i actually burn my way through 20 tickets, each of which also gets me a free transfer, by the time buses stop running before the fare changes?  No.

“Thanks, no.”

I am reminded of two stories:  Alice in Wonderland facing the dictum: “Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam today“; and also a wonderfully funny story about the need to keep trains running exactly per the rules all the rules all the time, in which the refrain was “Pigs is pigs” and some poor schmuck wasn’t allowed to ship his pair of guinea pigs as pets because the rail line had a rule stating that pigs are livestock.

Maybe I should put jam on a guinea pig and offer that as my fare Thursday morning?


One Response to “Sic transit gloria not today*”

  1. flotsam Says:

    Actually, for future note, tickets purchased prior to the fee hike would be honoured no problem afterwards. I meant to tell Wally to buy some before the price hike but forgot…. rats.

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