Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day

Yesterday Kodak announced the retirement of Kodachrome film, the kind of news that sends me to the edge of nostalgia. Yes, the luxury of the images it could make and did make in the right artists’ hands, which gave me views of other people, other places, other ways of seeing the composition of the most mundane landscapes or most exotic interactions.  And the old Paul Simon song I so recently fell across again, and which every business writing pundit in the land is referencing when announcing the corporate decision on the film company’s part.

But the process, too:  I’ve been a sucker for years for the actual physics of how this film is black and white and becomes a rainbow through process.  It’s a kind of testament to possibility, or possibilities, that deviate from the obvious.  Or was. Or can be in some place in Kansas, where processing Kodachrome pix will continue into 2010.


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