Summer rain

Although this year is bringing unusual June showers to parts of California, standard issue annual weather cycles there are such that precipitation in any great degree is a winter event.  So much so that kids who grow up in California look with mild sympathy for the doltishness of the parent who packs an umbrella when planning a summer trip to New England.

Yesterday’s rain here was that wonderful summer rain, the kind that seems to cycle through symphonic movements, from the first prelude of condensing warm air to periods of drops so abundant but so small that they barely splash when landing together on the asphalt or bricks. It rained all night and Bob’s garden is littered with the last of the elm blossoms, the papery pinkish white “snow” he wondered about for days before finally asking if I had the faintest idea….

The wind is still spinning through this morning, but in spite of that, his flower baskets all look fine and the tree branches beyond my study window simply bounce, not shake. It’s enough that I can hear them pass each other, and hear the wind pass through them, as well as the gentle dripping of the world as puddles are rearranged on less than horizontal spaces and some contents sluice over their sides.

This isn’t a rain that keeps one indoors or even requires gear in which to go abroad in it. It does change the light, what with the cloud cover and the refraction off the wet green leaves of all the trees. And it’s easier to hear the combination of tones–the drips, the breeze–inside than once I’ll be in the street, where, even on a Sunday morning, a bus will pass, joggers certainly will, an city life goes on.


One Response to “Summer rain”

  1. flotsam Says:

    Know what you mean… Cali and I pretty much had Shubie park to ourselves last night in the rain and it was rather a nice walk…

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