Fog clarifies

Yesterday’s visual corners were all softened by a prevailing light fog, the Bay Area variety that allows one to see islands and skyscrapers on the horizon, but keeps the fact that one has forgotten one’s sunglasses a noncontender for attention through a day of walks and visits.

Carole and I had a nice turn around near West Berkeley, discovering the history of the Spaulding Tract as recently signed near the junction of California Street and Channing. Many hours later–after an afternoon visit with a very sick friend and then on to C107 at Berkeley High and a surprise visit with Star Earphone English student Hafez–Nancy and Heidi and I walked around Cesar Chavez Park, down at the Marina, at sunset.

In between–or because of all these encounters–the Maritime set against CFA’s became crystal clear through contrast (contrast being an ironic twist on the prevailing fog). I will never be CFA here, in Berkeley, in spite of having first come away here and having gone away.

And I now understand how thoroughly what being CFA–which I will always be in Nova Scotia–entails: no sick bedsides to visit (and the prospect of never being so visited myself), no classrooms to recognize IMG_1068and doors I know I can enter even in only semipublic buildings, no license to take pictures of gaily painted houses unless I ask permission first, no dinners with tired teachers at the end of the schoolyear IMG_1069who can laugh so hard that they start crying (all over the story of Alderney Gate’s Biscuit Lips eatery, of all things), and–the most significant–no opportunity to have a conversation that unfolds spontaneously instead of being preplotted. Spontaneous is for those who are at home. How fortunate, then, that I can go away from there to be here again!IMG_1058IMG_1074


2 Responses to “Fog clarifies”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I promise that I will come and visit your sick bed even if you never, ever call like you promise.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    I keep my promises. I am also not as punctual as I should be.

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