Welcome to the 80’s

One of the things I actually love about shows at the Javits is, of course, the walk there.  With this morning’s rain, that walk was reduced to the Times Square-through-Hell’sKitchen portion but the sun’s out this afternoon and…here’s the part I LOVE: the Central Park horses, who are cared for in Hell’s Kitchen, in the block around 11th/10th Ave and W39th, were out being bathed this afternoon in the sunshine. There, just southwest of Port Authority, there above the highway, tethered to the fence on the sidewalk proper so they are in the same space as passersby.  It always feels magice to me, moreso as the years go by.

Last evening there was a different magic, the theatrical kind.  I went to see Billy Elliott and, yes, the staged version is different from the movie and a great, politically charged story and the dancing is jus plain unbelievable. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so positively content with such an outing; my only regret is that Fred probably won’t see it here.

So there it is: 1880’s this afternoon, Thatcher’s 80’s last night.  And the temp has climbed to about 80 (back in Fahrenheit land!), too.


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