Taking my 10 fingers and no excuses to the USA

This morning’s news from BBC pulled me in, of course:  Cancer drug erases fingerprints. Having never been diagnosed as having or being treated for cancer, this isn’t my issue.  But certainly the socio-political effects of the side effect of this drug are near and dear: if you don’t got the prints, the US (and Canada) raise eyebrows.

It may be that, because this article originates in Britain (where, in my experience, a variety of disabilities are actually addressed with legally required assistance) there is no discussion of why the ADA isn’t invocable in “our” situation. And the fact is, I haven’t suffered any swelling or other inflamation of the palms of my hands, as seems to be the culprit for these cancer patients.  My condition would seem to be idiopathic  (which, yes, looks like it’s related to idiocy, but let’s not get personal).

So, I’m off to the land of my birth today, toting all 10 fingers, replete with three prints among ’em, and relieved that in this situation I am not deemed a foreigner.  I’d never get out of the airport, since I’m not under treatment.


2 Responses to “Taking my 10 fingers and no excuses to the USA”

  1. Jan Goldsmith Says:

    Yep. I saw the article just before I pulled up your blog. I immediately thought of you and hoped you’d make it through the border! Hope you have sufficient i.d. without fingerprints…

  2. halifaxing Says:

    No worries on that score. I even have my ridiculous NS “drivers license”–which has absolutely no description (save a bad photo) of the holder….

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