The news from California was about to put the kibosh on my general good feeling about the world as I headed out the door today, so I walked up to the Bridge Terminal instead of taking the ferry.  While certainly no panacea against one kind of bigotry, I at least bought a front row seat to a lighter sort by so doing.

The bus was crowded and made us all privy to each others’ conversations. And lucky me, stuffed up against a couple blase university students:

“They stuck me in a bunch of philosophy classes!”

“Me, too!  Aristotle!  Can you believe Aristotle?  He’s got some crazy sh*t goin’ on.”

“Let’s go for Thai food!”

“For what?  I want to eat Chinese.”

“Oh then you’ll totally love Thai.  It’s fancy Chinese.  Pad tay [sic] is all noodles and shrimp and stuff.”

“I hate seafood.  I want Chinese.”

“Well, we don’t have to go for Thai. We could have Vietnamese.  There’s no seafood with that.”

“Have you had sushi?”

“I don’t like seaweed.  I like regular Chinese food.”

“But rice is better.  I don’t like to pay for cooked noodles.”

I was glad to see my stop. Glad we were going for Japanese food, seafood and seaweed and all.  Too bad we didn’t have a volume of Aristotle along.  Of all philosophers, he’d stroke out over the classification probs these folks expressed.


6 Responses to “Appetizer?”

  1. Al Goldsmith Says:

    I now work in the State building in which the Supreme Court sits, and walked downstairs to stand with a picket while awaiting the verdict. It was handed down, and I walked back up to work, while others walked away to be arrested. After work, I took a lovely stroll up Market with a couple thousand of my newest friends. I’ve read the first 10 pages of the verdict, and I think, from my brief view of it, that while it’s not what we all wanted, the Court did a pretty good job of pushing homosexual rights forward while taking all meaning away from the word “marriage.”

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Oy! As next week’s bride, you must be having some thoughts….

  3. Al Goldsmith Says:

    True. Can I eat at a diner for whites only? I’ve considered not getting married in protest, but I don’t think anyone would notice… like holding a picket in the middle of a desert. I’d get a civil union, if they were legal for a heterosexual under 65.

  4. carole leita Says:

    Al – why are civil unions legal for heterosexuals over 65?

  5. Al Goldsmith Says:

    Excuse me, I misspoke (mistyped?). In California only homosexual couples or heterosexual couples where one partner is over the age of 62 may register for a domestic partnership. I thought it had something to do with allowing a registered partnership without becoming remarried for the purpose of social security. But, according to Wikipedia, it’s because Gray Davis didn’t want a competing alternative to marriage.

  6. carole leita Says:

    Thanks. I go with the Wikipedia answer as to reason. Best wishes for you next week. Has Francisca ever told you about her wedding?

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