Since forever, I’ve had a tendency to think one person (someone I don’t know) resembles another (someone I do know) when the resemblance isn’t apparent to anyone else–and, admittedly, likely has more to do with the known person being on my mind than any scientifically verifiable physical similarities. In this case, my motivation seems pretty clear:  I was sitting in a coffee shop booth yesterday morning when a group was seated at the next one ahead, and a woman in that party, whose back was to me but of whom I could see a partial profile looked like…well, just a little like Rory (okay, minus beard and hat).

In recent months, I’ve seen a flood of really good comics, ranging from The Photographer to Unlovable, and, of course, every time, I want to call Rory up and say: “Have you seen this yet?” And, of course, I wouldn’t get the chance to say much else, but I’d get back three of four more (per half hour) to consider as well. The question for me is, what would Rory  read?

I didn’t embarrass myself at the coffee shop by asking his transgender doppelganger.  But I did know he’d find the claim of  doppelganger-ness worthy of eyerolling…and it would inspire a book suggestion.


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