T minus three

The excited, if not exciting, period before a trip gets underway is now upon me. The right suitcase to take has been sorted; the dress for Al’s wedding is ironed; I’ve finally got a grasp on what I’ll wear this Thursday, to look properly professional without also looking pasty, on the Day of Dialog panel.

Bob, who leaves a week after I do (going straight to California, minus the NYC pre-trip), is working his way through seemingly every tie-tying video on YouTube.  Fred’s checked in from Dundee to say he found Al something she wants. I have about 10 hours of writing left to do before take-off and can’t figure how that will possibly work into the 72 hours that have to include 16 in the office, another 16-20 of sleep, and the assorted dribs and drabs necessary for general chores and a spot of reading.  Oh well.

Meanwhile, the world just outside my house continues in its own strange little whirlwind.  This afternoon I opened the front door to a crowd that continued heading north past my doorstep for literally minutes; turned out it was a walk-a-thon for MS. I couldn’t figure out how the pair of great danes fit in, but gave them space nonetheless.


2 Responses to “T minus three”

  1. Al Goldsmith Says:

    I’m really looking forward to see you all! Fred has the distinction of being the guest who’s traveled the farthest.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Can’t wait, Al!

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