The Chilean navy is here

When we started walking toward Hollis street this morning, along Morris, we could see the spar of a huge sailing ship cutting across the horizon line.  We walked on to the waterfront–no crowds at that hour, even though the sun had been up for hours and the air is warm and kind even right on the water–and arrived in time to see the Esmeralda‘s crew being mustered to morning rites of some formal sort.  This is one huge tall ship, with four masts, more than a couple dozen sails the sizes of small farms and a figurehead that appears to be a turkey in flight.

It’s not, of course, but rather a condor. I just never knew that condors have red wattles much like the turkey’s.  Never knew about the Esmeralda‘s history either.  She looks far too cheery, and her crew too laid back, to get this image in mind readily. But not impossible.


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