Public works cometh

Just about a year ago, back in Berkeley, we received a notice about an impending street closure required to do lateral work in front of our house.  No specific time was noted, just an alert that the street could close at any moment across the next two or three months.  bob understandably freaked, given that he was planning on a moving van showing up to cart off all our worldly possessions and how the movers would cope if they couldn’t access the block (there was no alley or rear access to the house property, given fencing) wasn’t imaginable. He called the city engineer’s office (as directed in the notice for “all questions”) and was told that there was no real plan to rip up–or close–the street for months yet.

And again it’s didfferent here: we were served notices #1, #2 and #3 (on Friday), the latest warning that work would commence today.  When I left the house at 7 am, the orange cones were already installed.

Coming back at 5, however, I see that no cutting, exploding or other activity seems to have visited our doorstep. However: the antique (1830’s) but still active (saw a funeral there just this month) cemetery across the street is a hive of huge, earth-ripping machines and the kind of big, heavy dump trucks that can’t be good for fragile headstones.

Bob’s stripped our walls of pictures. I’m sure he’s laid in a supply of ear plugs and laid plans to absent himself when the going gets loud.  A walk in the cemetery, though, would not be restful.


2 Responses to “Public works cometh”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Is the cemetery next to the hospital?

  2. halifaxing Says:

    The cemetery is across the street from the hospital’s parking lot. The cemetery was there first (I am guessing) as it predates Queen Victoria’s reign and the hospital is named for her (and looks Sixties Brutalist in terms of architecture). God knows what the parking lot covers in terms of history.

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