Victoria and Malcolm–together oddly

The Victoria Day holiday here has a truly delightful pace: a few coffee shops are open and the weather is drizzly but warm, so people have been out and about a bit but in no large throngs.  The only change in traffic patterns I ever noticed with Malcolm X Day (which is celebrated on the same rotation but obviously in a vastly different place) was rhetorical.

In truth, there seems to be no “celebration” of an event here and today, just a kind of vernal interlude. Tourist places–a downtown Visitor’s Bureau as well as harbourside shops–have reopened to amrk the day, but there is neither parade nor demonstration that we could find.

We did, however, find a coop gallery open on Hollis street.  And within that, a pair of water colours, by one Pat Shattuck, which capture our block.

How Victorian: to stroll a gallery in the rain.


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