Spring in my step

I’ve come home to what amounts to blasting orders: a single page warning that displacement of underground rock will commence, next week, out side my house…and continue for two months!  Now, that’s quite a project.  I wonder how long it took to blast each of the 33+ tunnels between Martinez and Reno on the California Zephyr route.

But my day’s been so extraordinarily delightful that thoughts of dynamite near my house barely dents my mood:  I’ve been in the company of a truly wondrous book (about which I’ll soon be writing at accidentalbooks.wordpress.com); plans for the panel of which I’m a part at BEA are coming together like old home week; projects at work are working (hurrah for jigsaw puzzle planning); and the unsalted beet chips at the Fireside this evening were perfect.

Add to this the looks-like-a-campfire bed of tulips on Spring Garden Road (shorter red and taller orange blooms), the shaggy double or triple headed tulips now open in the Old Burying Ground, and the unfolding (but still miniscule) tree leaves–and it’s all lookin’ pretty good.

In spite of pending explosions.

3 Responses to “Spring in my step”

  1. Jan Goldsmith Says:

    It’ll really shake up the gophers!

  2. halifaxing Says:

    I’m not sure we have gophers here…do we? Ground hogs, yes…..

  3. Sandy Says:


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