Culture collisions

It’s just one of those days when all presumptions need to be called off.  We finally got into the Public Garden and found only half the tulips overblown and lots of daffodils still in full flower.  But the reliably barely-tilted-toward sinking model of the Titanic that usually sits on the pond was…disappeared.  Sunk?  Removed in case of ice?  Oh ironies.

Later we decided to go out to lunch but it’s Mother’s Day and the goal was to avoid anywhere that might be hosting brunch in honour of the day and my peers.  We’ve finally found a pretty good thai restaurant and it is open on Sundays at midday so we chanced that. Our waitress looked like Anne of Green Gables’ older sister, which is to say she was a strawberry blonde.  All but two other diners were…surprise, Thai.  The entire Thai population of halifax (apparently three times the size I’d imagined) was on hand–with their moms.  However, it was our lovely waitress who seemed to be the one in the know about what makes which curry which, as she patiently answered inquiries from the assembled (we’d ordered, without questions, and Bob went so far as to declare his dish to be on a par with what he expects from Thai food in the Bay Area).

Stumbling back outside, we went in search of a sweatshirt for bob, but apparently no such animal exists this far north unless it is bedecked with hype for a hockey team.  Instead, we came across a man-sized walking lobster.  No kidding.

There are days when it’s best to stay at home.


3 Responses to “Culture collisions”

  1. Flotsam Says:

    I believe the ship model guild which built the Titanic usually give a spring tune-up before it gets put into place every year…

  2. Flotsam Says:

    My English some good, huh?

  3. halifaxing Says:

    You sound like you been talkin to me….

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