Roadside distractions

Traveling east along old Highway 3, from St. Margaret’s Bay to the Peninsula, there’s a moment when the horizon looks strangely like a miniature version of the Daly City slopes of “Little Boxes.” It’s just for a moment, in which the crowd of pastel houses pushes at the edges of road and sky.

There are other peculiar sights along this road, including two signs put forward to attract custom, each stranger than the other. One’s a professional signage job, with screaming large letters: “Meat and Video.”  The other was definitely hand-painted and only about two thirds as tall: “Hubcap for sale.” bob said he wouldn’t stop for just one hubcap, especially if there was no video offering alongside that. Picky, picky.

On the voyage out, we kept to auditory entertainments rather than visual.  We had a new (to us) Arrogant Worms album, and got to be thoroughly amazed by such ditties as “Jesus’ Brother Bob,” and “Carrot Juice Is Murder.”

All in all, in spite of rain, a grand day out.


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