Fenwick pit grows like a threat upon the land

One of the “returns” that has come with the spring is the reopening of the massive pit in Fenwick Street.  Here on a Friday evening, with work called to a halt for the weekend, a fence surrounds it, of course, but there are three or four massive excavating machines perched at precarious and apparently haphazard angles at the lip of the reopened cave.  A dozen concrete culvert pieces are in a ragged line further down the block but there’s rubble in the part of the excavation that isn’t more than eyeball deep when one stands on the sidewalk beyond the fence:  are they really going to repave over the boulders (bigger than the car) and mashed grates (from last year or just from the patch together undertaken for the winter)?  I haven’t seen such a jumble since the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

Further west on Fenwick, beyond the fenced area, the blue pipes (large) are now sprouting clear plastic tentacles–or sub-hoses–and both they and the smaller gauge blue pipes have been newly “set” in place with the strange mud that is neither gravel nor cement.

Even less comforting because it’s closer to home, green lines have now apepared at a some mysterious but clearly fixed angle from the orange ones at our own doorstep.  And we had a DVD delivered today with the ominous title, “Pre-Blast Inspection.”  

This just isn’t looking good.


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