Grade 7 civics

My apprehension of government structure and process continues to be several beats behind what it should be for someone of my apparent education and role.  This morning’s headline–“Government Falls“–filled me with momentary trepidation, until I saw the front page was hared with a story about teenagers fighting and more budget politics.  By the time I walked home from the ferry late this afternoon, candidate signs were already printed and posted on garden gates.

It’s irritating to not have a better grasp of how things work and what to expect in terms of process.  I blame myself for not simply sitting down and studying hard.  The truth is, I barely remember how I acquired my working knowledge of US government–although it’s a pretty solid grasp.  Since every state in which I went to school, from first grade on, seemed to prescribe a state-level government survey course at the point that I was enrolled, I have a pretty well stocked comparative view of how state-level governments are structured but what I know of this provincial one I haven’t been able to hang on similar comprehension hooks.

Perhaps I need to take a week off work and troll a grade 7 civics classroom?


4 Responses to “Grade 7 civics”

  1. Ted Sutcliffe Says:

    Civics is not taught in Halifax schools anymore.

  2. halifaxing Says:


  3. Marg Says:

    On a positive note, if you can sort out how the parliamentary system works, you’ll be in good shape for both the provincial and federal systems. Meantime, we are faced with another special election coming soon to vote on a bunch of propositions to do with the California budget that I sure wish I had a clue as to what they are about.

    • halifaxing Says:

      I’ve seen that ballot, Marg, and it is daunting. Here, on the other hand, Rodney MacDonald has decided to reassess HRM’s amalgamation as his rescue-me-from-obscurity since the government fell.

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