Taglines puerile and peculiar

The walk home from th ferry was one of those times where various spottings seemed to pull together as though a predetermined theme had been set and the environment had responded. first, there was the positively puerile t-shirt that declared “Construction engineers: responsible for the world’s biggest erections.”  Nice.  Hire that fellow for his tact and taste in choosing his message.

Next up (sorry) was the presumably personal automobile with a large portrait of a sitting Council member painted across it.  No, I am not mistaken in the face; the name accompanied it in huge lettering.

From these two bouts of healthy ego, the next message appeared mundane on its face–but think about it:  on a side street in Atlantic Canada, there’s someone who’s hung out a shingle that proclaims “Consulting Economists.” I am guessing that nations, and maybe even smaller territories, like California, might like a consulting economist from time to time.  But multiples?  And isn’t shingle hanging–the usual means of messaging employed by doctors and lawyers in private practice, sometimes by engineers and other specializing professionals who are geared to take walk-in trade or at least plant their presence in the minds of passersby who will likely someday want “one of those”–not exactly how one goes about attracting business when your business is, well, that specialized?

But what do I know?  I choose my consultants after researching and on a needs-specific basis, not from the subliminal messaging of shingles (or explicit t-shirts, or the “public face” of anyone’s passenger vehicle). Clearly, I’ve been putting way too much thought into it.


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