Unrelated signs

Spring is now irrepressible.  A week ago, the elm tree was barely–but perceptibly–in bud.   img_0966  Now I can see full on leaves, just a few, all the way from my office window, a good 20 feet away.

Indoors, I finally managed to get a decent shot of the hitchhiker I mentioned here some weeks ago, the eucalyptus leaf Bob rescued from the a packing case after it fluttered there in Berkeley and reappeared in Halifax weeks later.






  There it is on the mantel next to a homemade picture postcard  of a sign posted at the liquor store on University at Acton, one  June evening last year when the Kao sisters had met me for  supper at Fellini. How could a bunch of people who’d met in a  library not love this sign?


4 Responses to “Unrelated signs”

  1. carole leita Says:

    I had no idea (or, at least no memory) that fellini existed. do you love it? should we eat there one of the evenings you’re here? would it be a good place to take sally for her birthday?

  2. halifaxing Says:

    It’s a fine place! The food is–or at least was–really nicely prepared and mostly homemade, with lots of vegetarian (and even some vegan) options. I like the decor, too, which is New Wave and right for the namesake. If you go there for Sally’s birthday, we can go elsewhere while we’re visiting or, if it turns out that you love it, I’m sure fine with going back! And I have NEVER been inside Ledger’s and really want to check it out. I think it closes really early, like maybe 6ish.

    • Kay Says:

      Many are the times I’ve stopped in at Ledger’s for a roll of life savers on my way from Central to West Branch. Candy and alcohol – that’s what they have. And the clerks are friendly.

  3. halifaxing Says:


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