Free Comic Book Day

The fires are out, the trees are getting positively leafy, and the rain abated this morning long enough to take a good walk around the Jubilee/Quinpool neighbourhood.  On Payzant Street we found a lilac with the tiniest buds of flowers, like dollhouse grapes. And in our own back garden, the tulips are opening, with a pair of yellow ones in full bloom.

It’s also Free Comic Book Day, which, of course, has me thinking about Rory, but also remembering the time he and I and Joe Field (the guy who created the idea for FCBD) spent an afternoon with the entire staff of Contra Costa County Library (a staff development moment that seemed marvelously full-bodied in the directions it offered) and then drove over to Joe’s store in Concord. all of this flashed through my mind this morning as I read the very generous report in the local paper (here local not there local) on how Calum Johnston is honouring the day. He even squeezed a shout out for libraries, as well as another for Joe, into the interview. Old home week and I didn’t even have to leave home.  Or go home.  Or whichever.


2 Responses to “Free Comic Book Day”

  1. Jacquelyn Higgins Says:

    I was there in Pleasant Hill that day…a member of the CCCL staff. I learned so much about graphic novels that I was able to pass on to my patrons. One tiny boy, for example, really took to the Bone and Owlie books. His dad was amazed at his enthusiasm and they still come to me for suggestions. He’ll be a comic lover for life. Thanks guys!

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