Yup, that translates to nearly 70 Fahrenheit, the sky is bright and cloudless and it’s a Saturday to boot!  (I worked weekends all my life until five years ago).  I got to “play outside” for the first six hours of the day and even now there is no pressure to stay in…yes, there’s work that needs doing but it doesn’t HAVE to get done before dusk.

We took a long walk, including the exasperating route along the waterfront, exasperating because there are fully three separate construction zones that send pedestrians shuffling up from the boardwalk across parking lots and then bak down to the waterside.

We wound up, at one point–and then another–at my favourite art gallery in town, the Argyle. And then we wound up buying a painting, one with the same name as the excavation project that has taken over Fenwick Street.  They share only the name, and the source–Freshwater Brook–not aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the work on Fenwick has taken yet another dramatic and mysterious turn:  the ten-foot deep hole has been filled and NOW enormous concrete culverts have been set up as though to place inside the closed pit.  Order does not seem to be prevailing.  Perhaps it’s the shock of the newly arrived warmth?


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