Birthday politics

For the last 15 years or more, I’ve been painfully aware of the happenstance of my birthday coinciding with that of another infamous person and the fact that dangerous folks choose the date to stage bad things (Columbine) and, unrelated to Hitler, others go with the merely winsome (Marijuana Day).  (The Oklahoma City bombing missed by a day and the Branch Davidian event, of course, was April 19 as well).

This year, it’s a hijacking of a Halifax-launched flight to Cuba that got held up in Montego Bay. As an American reading and hearing about this event, the political angle isn’t so much on the part of the perpetrator; many of those aboard the plane were en route to weddings in Cuban resorts, an ordinary destination for same here and far from the “going to Cuba” stories in my old country. And no, I don’t think this particular hijacker–nor any of the wedding couples–chose yesterday as their dates with destiny on account of either Hitler or even Joan Miro. These days, with President Obama’s posture toward Cuba, it’s particularly disorienting to listen to the Canadians around me worry that they will soon be losing their Cuban resort paradise with jacked up prices brought on by American tourists. It’s never too soon to worry.  (The Jamaican hijacker seems to have wanted to divert the CanWest jet from Cuba, on the other hand).

Since getting married in Cuba isn’t in our cards, Bob provided me a variety of other Canadiana for my birthday, including very complete collections of both Joel Plaskett and, of course, the Arrogant Worms. (No, these are separate entities, they are not performing together).


2 Responses to “Birthday politics”

  1. Jan Goldsmith Says:

    And this year, the 20th date is shared by the Jewish Yom HaShoah, the yearly remembrance of the Holocaust. I relished the nyah-nyah-nyah,-you-failed aspect of the coincidence.
    You redeem the date with a happier circumstance.

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Now THAT works!

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