Over the years, I’ve travelled much more frequently and diversely with Fred than with Bob but, of course, I am now living with Bob in a place where Fred’s spent very little time.  That this changes my own viewpoint on place was emphasized for me last evening, after Fred arrived from UK and we all repaired to supper at the Fireside.

For nearly a year, I lived alone here, a situation which I’ve experienced in other cities.  I’m pretty good at that, enjoy the discoveries, the getting-acquainted with local rhythms, scents, vistas, habits.  And Bob and I have traveled a lot together so I know how he is in places I already know or places we learn together.  The missing link, I realized, is that I’ve been in places Fred knows, whether ti know them as well as he or not, but I’ve never been in a place that I know well that he doesn’t know much (unless one counts the trip we made to Ohio when he was 8, but one is a vastly different person at 8 than at 18).

It’s subtle.  I don’t know if Fred has any inkling of it.  It makes me see that I have fitted myself in here in a way that I hadn’t realized was even possible, let alone beginning to happen (Yes, I know I shall always be a CFA, but I’ve been so everywhere all my life so I do that really good). It’s as though by his eyes arriving I can see that I am seeing.


One Response to “Eyes”

  1. carole leita Says:

    astute observation. i love cfa, having always been one until i got to berkeley.

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