Walking another way

The 20 minute walk from home to ferry can be undertaken along many alternate routes and I move among them, sometimes planfully (avoiding steep slopes when there’s ice underfoot) or not so much.  Today my automatic pilot seemed to be turned to fritz and I wound up along a path I haven’t ever gone, one that took me from Doyle Street along the back side of Spring Garden Road Library and down the wooden steps in front of St. David’s Church.

Although I’ve known about the 1,000+ paupers’ graves across the front yard of the library, I’d never noticed the dozen or so ancient and venerable headstones tucked up to the south side of St. David’s.

Most of the snow along the gutters downtown has finally melted and so I was able to jaywalk with alacrity for the first time in months.  Even that seemed to change my perspective on the passing scene along the slope down to the waterfront.

A few weeks ago, Halifax’s town crier died. Reading through the agenda for next week’s city council meeting, I see I’m not alone in cutting a row where I hadn’t expected. The agenda carries what must be a uniquely early 21st century item:  succession planning for the town crier.


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