If Robert Louis Stevenson had grown up here instead of Aulde Scotia, would he have written?

The snow is snowing all around,/It falls on field and tree,/It falls on the commuters here,/And makes it dark at three.

And if Carl Sandburg hailed from Halifax instead of Chicago…?

The snow/comes on ev’ry cat feet.  It sits endless/over harbour and city/on silent haunches/and just stays on.

Emily Dickinson, of course, never went anywhere, but if that had been different and she’d gone just a few hundred miles, might she have written somewhat differently…. 

I’m snowed upon! How about you?/Are you snowed upon, too?/Then there’s a pair of us–don’t tell!/They’d shovel us, you know.  How dreary to have a snow-free spring!/How public, like a frog/to see the ground the livelong day/under a sockless clog.

Yes, folks, it’s snowing. Again.


2 Responses to “If”

  1. Penny Stevens Says:

    Hi Francisca,
    I spent a few days with Jackie recently and your name came up. I resolved to read your blog and today was the day. I suggest that Halifax like Portland can be vernally challenged. It tries hard to bring in spring but doesn’t always win the struggle. Our snowbanks are melting and we do see a few branches of our Christmas tree on the curb which was covered by our third big storm in early January. The sidewalks are dry and we do go outside without boots now. What joy that is.

    Hang in there, it’s coming soon,

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Penny! What a delight to hear from you–and we are almost living nearby each other again after all these years!

    The recycling that was put out some time in early January showed its head again about a week ago but is still too thoroughly frozen in the snow pile a plow built that week to be released as yet. And yes, I’m seeing Christmas trees–or parts thereof–breaking out of piles everywhere.

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