The local public transit company is taking a beating these days because of a series of incidents reported by victims and bystanders when a slew of drivers have shown a degree of anger or sheer intolerance that raises the gorge of anyone currently feeling sane.  Presumably every story has multiple sides but it’s hard to imagine that there is a way to exonerate an agency accused in quite so many episodes of misconduct; only a conspiracy buff could put stock in it being some colossal mistake.  So I won’t trod all over that bit of extremely muddy and murky patch.

Instead, I’ll trot out the company’s recent decisions around paid advertising on transit real estate.  Last month, there was great hoopla about the refusal of the company to carry paid advertising by a group with the slogan: “There’s probably no god…”. Today I was confronted by a huge bus shelter poster showing me how to litter.  It claimed that the message was brought by but that doesn’t turn up anything when I search (at least today).  And yes, the poster describes how to litter, not how to not litter…not that that message would offend anyone, of course.


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