A seasonal change of views

For the first time in several years, I’ve taken a vacation day from work in order to put paid to some of my other projects.  I happened to luck into it being a sunny–although horribly windy–day.  Even though we got more snow last evening, the ground is now virtually bare of the stuff after all these months.  This afternoon, I saw a matted and filthy Santa Claus hat emerged from some melted pile, while another street over a full bicycle was putting in appearance, handlebars first.

Yesterday at work, I saw the rather creepy vision of a submarine trawling around the harbour, most above the water, of course.  It would have been even creepier looking but for the men in orange ranging about its hull like so many berries.

all of which makes it sound as though I weren’t busy all day doing what I was supposed to be doing since I’d taken the vacation day.  But I did, or I am.  It just turned out that once I had the space to see, the piles weren’t so high.


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