Spring tease

We’re having a recently unprecedented collision between warmth, sunshine and a weekend day.  The hole across Fenwick Street has been filled (although the rush of some liquid beneath it is still quite loud and no pavement has been added).  The evergreen shrubs in front of our house appear healthy as ever now that the ice has recede and they are visible–however briefly–again.

Fred’s sent us a postcard–for no specific occasion–depicting long haired red Scottish cows, a creature that looks like Spring itself: colourful and overgrown and sappy.

Here, clothing store windows are showing awkward little jackets with sleeves that end well above the elbow, in pink and turquoise and white–hues that hide in winter.

It will all be history in a day or three, I’m sure, and the wind will blow over lowered temps, creating new sheets of ice from today’s melt.  Spring–outside Northern California–always was a tease.


4 Responses to “Spring tease”

  1. carole leita Says:

    “Spring itself: colourful and overgrown and sappy.” — one of your best

    And, as spring IS here, I will be gardening today (after a walk with Sally to the farmer’s market and the library.

  2. carole leita Says:

    duh. forgot last paren

  3. halifaxing Says:

    Happy spring in There-land, Carole. The snow’s back here….

  4. carole leita Says:

    well, the groundhog did see its shadow….

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