The other Californians in Nova Scotia

The weekend edition of Toronto’s Globe and Mail had an article that warmed the cockles of my heart (as my mother would have declaimed). Seems that another pair of Californians moved to a much smaller burg in this here province and now have themselves a speakeasy built expressly as a venue for book discussions. And a malt whisky club is being formed there as well.

I don’t know from where in California the owners came; Tatamagouche  has fewer than 1,000 residents so there had to be a very specific attraction to the place (and it’s been a much shorter period of time since the village was featured on a reality tv program called “The Week the Women Went Away” than the Hunzikers’ residency, so they can’t have been attracted by the ability of the local men to clean house, or do whatever viewers find intriguing about a temporarily unisex community).

And apparently I’ll never get to visit the speakeasy because, like any good speakeasy, strangers aren’t invited and I know no one in Tatamagouche. But it is satisfying to know that there are books being discussed there, single malt being poured, and a couple whose very existence proves that Bob and I aren’t the only ex-Californians to be odd enough to immigrate to Nova Scotia.


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