Publishing gets precarious

About a week ago, I wrote about the shrinking and shriveling of the local newspaper. That brought an anonymous missive to my email box that noted how local broadcasting news relies on print journalism here.  I had noticed that when I listen to a local radio station (not CBC) early in the morning, the newscaster seems to be reading the very same articles I am reading simultaneously at my kitchen table. Not exactly independent reporting.

On another front, my daily updates from Publisher’s Weekly are carrying, and have been for about two months now, daily updates of how to contact the most recently laid off book publishing personnel. The lists range from two or three on one day to five and six on another, with most providing private, free email addresses to those who might want to contact them after their departures from big conglomerate as well as independent publishing houses.

Borders has announced its plan to close its Chicago flagship store. While book Expo America has decided to keep its annual show in New York City (it used to move among New York, DC, LA and Chicago) for the next several years, Canadian Book Expo has been cancelled as of this year.

To my mind, diversity–of format, production, delivery–breeds access. Access breeds intellectual health and rigor. Never mind political awareness, informed decision making and the opportunity to dream.


One Response to “Publishing gets precarious”

  1. Marg Says:

    Very sad to see the empty shelves at Stacey’s books as it winds down to close in a couple of weeks. Rocky Mountain News printed its last edition yesterday and the SF Chronicle has been put on notice by Hearst that it is also in danger of closing.

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