A day for old friends

Yesterday was an amazing one: three communications from old friends.  Okay, the communication from Carole wasn’t startling, but of course it was quite welcome.  The handwritten note from Connie was a relief.  And the email from Susi left me with a dropped jaw.

My home office has become a kind of living room extension for Carole and me because this is where the web cam is and consequently where we have our wonderfully frequent cocktail hours together. It’s the same thing on Carole’s side: what I can see behind her as we sip and talk I recognize as the front room on Parker Street.  All of this is to say that in spite of the 3800 miles, Carole doesn’t seem that far away.

Connie, on the other hand, who lives about a mile and half northwest of Carole, has become a rare bird in my days.  A wonderfully gifted musician and ear friend, she sat next to me at work for years and years.  Just after I moved to halifax, she became ill.  Her letter that arrived yesterday, however, is as full of spark and sparkle as Connie ever was and carries news of her son’s matriculation to graduate school where–lifelong animal lover he’s been–he’ll be studying zoology.  That would be the son who preceded mine to Berkwood Hedge and Camp Winnarainbow and whose experiences in those places paved the way for Fred to follow. Getting this letter is like getting a new book when you thought the author had packed up her storytelling.

And then there was Susi….About a year ago, I wrote here of a college friend who became a Carmelite nun and whose old high school friend then read my blog posting and contacted me, having lost track of our mutual friend just at the point when I was meeting Sr. B all those years ago.  Now I seem to have effected the same sort of rediscovery of the deep past in my own life.

Some time ago, I posted this picture here taub1971band noted its origin, which is to say I mentioned an old high school classmate. Weeks later, said former classmate stumbled across it online…okay, maybe stumble is the wrong word, but in any event she came across it by happenstance and left me a message asking who the heck I was.  So I emailed her back, not sure she was the same Susi (although I checked the inquirer’s website and this one did indeed grow up to be an artist).  And yesterday I got back a two-line email, along the lines of OMG and I don’t know what to say.  And that makes two of us.

So there you have it, a friendly kind of day, with certainty, surprise and the totally unexpected.


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