The change in my pocket

I’ve always used my pocket change, carefully sorting out the four pennies to add to the quarter when the total sale ends in 29 cents and so forth. I seem to be a dying breed in this regard.

My spending habit means that I rarely accumulate the sort of weighty pile that won’t fit into my pocket, but this morning I found a new treasure:  the five coins I had–thrown onto the shelf where I collect my “loose parts” every morning–totalled $10.  Wow!  With just five coins!  (In the US, the most common way to reach that amount would have involved 40 coins, although one could do it with 20 rare 50-cent pieces).

More miraculously, I managed to break only one throughout the day–okay, it was a thrifty sort of schedule I lived today and did that by getting a loonie back to go with the twonies–or is it toonies?


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