Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

Chicago has its gangs, New York has its sidewalks and Halifax has…joggers.  They are irrepressible in spite of tundra, lake or other pedestrian surface.  The mercury can barely scrape up to five below zero and they are afoot clad in slightly less than dancewear.  Outside of Washington, DC, during the Seventies, I have never seen such dedication, such concentrated numbers.  

Running hours seem to stretch beyond daylight on either end of the clock, although in summer, there seems–by force of the longer daylight hours–fewer runners in the dark.

There is no day off among the seven in any given week, although weekend runners are more bountiful in the morning and afternoon/early evening runners seem to be a larger mass on weekdays.

Clearly, the jogging population here is giving Herodotus a run for the credo lent to the US Post Office.


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