Statutory deprivation

This is the day that Nova Scotians mourn their Provincial government’s refusal to add a February holiday to the calendar.  Everybody else, in the estimation of the locals, gets a long weekend about now:  Family Day some places, Presidents Day down south, even a random floating thing in PEI that didn’t quite work out right because federal workers there didn’t have it in their contracts.

The stretch from New Year’s Day to Good Friday, they say, is too long (no matter when the latter falls across its six weeks of possibilities).

On the other hand, this year is rife with days off for the school districts, where the threat of freezing rain–as well as actual bad conditions–shuts the schoolhouse door so as to keep folks safe from scary bus rides and midday releases if a storm really does arrive.

So, we’ve got the have nots and the haves, when it comes to time off. One condition is driven by law and economics and the other by social contract ideals around protecting children. Neither condition seems to fill the desired bill to have scheduled rest from work. 

Both satisfy two other appetites however;  the joy of kvetching and the pleasure of unanticipated free time.

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