database exit hell

Between us, Bob and I have moved well over 50 times in our lives, each time redirecting mail to the new address, through the post office’s forwarding services and by contacting agencies with which we regularly do business (credit card companies, etc.).  The post office forwarding works virtually the same here as in the US and hasn’t presented any significant issues.  What doesn’t seem to be working well is getting ourselves out of the US in a number of databases:

AAA can’t seem to “release” Bob, in spite of the fact that they agree that their coverage is no good here (and he’s now covered by the equivalent CAA).  One aspect of my former retirement plan, which is meant to stay with me until I hit some magic number, can’t make the redirect to a Canadian address, for its regularly mailed reports, “stick.”  I’ve talked with them too many times, each discussion ending with the false reassurance that this time the change has been made (a change that can be made only by telephone and thus leaves no paper trail). 

The list, although mercifully briefer than it could be, goes on long enough to impart the not so subtle info that a lot of places seem to find expat living unimaginable.  Woe to the poor sweet young thing about whose hopes for her adult life I was reading the other day: among them was that she wants to be an expat.  I suppose it’s a romantic concept at 18, unattached to the underlying causes that might beget the reality.

And at 18, one might be able to exit the databases more quickly….


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