Ice, like totally

Things warmed up so much yesterday that the snow that had fallen under the rain that fell next last week turned into ankle-to-knee-deep rivers and lakes on every hand.  Every uneven plane was revealed:  pave emnt taht was a couple of years old, of course, but also the fancy new circular drive in front of the highrise down the street.

Last night, the mercury plunged dramatically and this morning every river and lake was frozen solid.  The most extraordinary block is the one along the hospital’s parking lot:  not a bit of walkable way that whole double-length block, just sheer, leg-threatending ice.

Bob and I joke that this is why people are smarter here than in Mediterranean climates where one doesn’t need to think fast on the feet when navigating from front door to end of the block. Or are those Med types smarter for living where that’s not essential to health and welfare?


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